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 6" Tropicals $2.85  

                                                                                   (Case pack 12)

African Iris full w/ blooms

Aloe Vera 12", full

Aralia Balfouriana 14-16", 4ppp, fulls

Aralia Fabian Bush 13-15", 4ppp, full

Arboricola Bush 14-16", full

Arboricola Golden Capella 13-15", 3-4ppp

Arboricola Trinette Bush 12-14", 3ppp

China Doll 12-14", full

Cordyline Calypso Queen 22", 2-3ppp

Croton Excelente 14-15", 3ppp

Croton Golddust 14-16", multi's

Croton Iceton 14-16', 3ppp

Croton Mamey Red or Yellow 14-15", 3ppp

Croton Petra Red or Yellow 14-15", 3ppp

Crown of Thorn 8-10",  w/ b's

Dieffenbachia Camille 14-16", full

Dieffenbachia Compacta 14-16", full

Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow 14-16", 1ppp

Dracaena Bicolor 16-18", 3-4ppp

Dracaena Colorama 18", 3-4ppp

Dracaena Janet Craig 14-16", 1ppp

Drac Janet Craig Compacta 12-14", 1ppp

Drac Lemon Lime Warneckii 14-16", 1ppp

Dracaena Magenta 22", 3-4ppp

Dracaena Marginata 22", 3-4ppp

Dracaena Sunshine 15-18", vgt'd

Dracaena Warneckii 14-16", 1ppp

Fern, Asparagus Springerii 10-12", full

Fern, Australian full

out Fern, Boston 12", full

Fern, Fishtail full

Fern, Foxtail full
Fern, Kimberly Queen 16-18", full
Fern, Macho 10-12", full
Fern, Staghorn 8-10"
Fern, Wart full
out Ficus Benjamina Bush 14-16", full
out Ficus Burgundy 14-16", full
out Ficus Jacqueline Bush 12", full
out Ficus Lyrata Bush 8", small
Ficus Repens (creeping fig) full
out Ficus Robusta 12-14", full
Fountain Grass 15-18", full
Fountain Grass Cherry Sparkler 24" perfect
Fountain Grass Fireworks 24" perfect
 Golden Pothos full heads
Homalomena Emerald Gem 13-15", full
Liriope Green/Variegated full
Philodendron Monstera 14", full
Ponytail Palm 15-18", 1ppp
Sansevieria Black Coral 18-20", 3ppp
Sansevieria Black Gold 18-20", 3ppp
Sansevieria Futura 14-16", 3-5ppp
Sans Futura Superba 12-14", 3-5ppp
Sansevieria Laurentii 16-18", full
Sansevieria Moonshine 12-14", 3-5ppp
Sansevieria Zeylanica 16-18", full
Spider Plant full w/ pups
Syngonium Pink Butterfly 13-15", full heads
Sweet Potato Assortment full, 5 colors
Wandering Jew full
White Bird of Paradise 14-16", 1ppp
Yucca Tip 14-16", 1ppp

                                 10" Tropicals $5.50

Arboricola Bush 26-28", full

Arboricola Golden Capella Bush 26-28", full

Arboricola Trinette Bush 18-22", 3-4ppp, full

Cordyline Bolero Bicolor 30-36", 3ppp, wide leaf tricolor

Cordyline Calypso Queen 34-38", 3ppp, sml magenta leaves

Cordyline Florida Red 58", 3ppp, bright red

Cordyline Red Sister 36-38", 3ppp, hot pink

Cordyline Xerox 48-54", 3ppp, burgundy

Croton Golddust 24-28", 3ppp, full

Croton Iceton 24-26", 3ppp, colorful

Croton Mammey 24-28", 3ppp, colorful

Croton Petra 24-26", 3ppp, colorful

Croton Sloppy Painter 30-36", 3ppp, colorful

Dracaena Bicolor Tips 36-38", 4ppp, full

Dracaena Colorama Tips 28-30", 4ppp, full

Dracaena Magenta Tips 42-48", 4ppp, full

Dracaena Marginata Tips 38-42", 4ppp, full

Dracaena Song of India Bush 36", multi's, full

Ficus Alii Bush 26-28", full

Ficus Alii Standard 44", full round heads

Ficus Benjamina Bush 24", short yet full

Ficus Benjamina Standard 46-48", round lollipop head

Fountain Grass 2-3', red or white

Kimberly Queen Fern 26-28", stuffed full

Society Garlic 26" w/ fragrant blooms

Yucca Tip, 1ppp 28", full

White Bird of Paradise 5', 3ppp

Sleeves .20 - Boxing avail @ .25 per plant)

SPECIAL'S EXPIRE MARCH 31st, 2015 @ 11:59 P.M. EST

Fob Homestead - Sleeves & Boxes Additional - Call 305-242-1133/Fax 305-248-3008  
Prices and sizes are subject to change without notice